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Yeah … the ‘planets’. Fun can begin. My optic gear-change blinks – too fast, it says, and I shouldn’t fly the first gear up to three-hundred. No, I shouldn’t. But I can. It makes a good world of difference. Especially, if you’re „up“. Good fix. Makes you faster, and more clever. Three-hundred-fifty. The engine will explode! Okay, okay. I’ve got enough senses to know when to stop. No need to panic. Second gear. Still a loud roaring, but not so dangerous. Somewhere a sigh of relief. As if all the shuttles surrounding me were sighing. Weakling.

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MegaFusion – what is it?

Imagine a city with 2,000-yard-high skyscrapers that stretches its arms over the largest oceans and the highest mountains on Earth. A place where “Mutant Killers” or “Licensing Agents” fight for their daily survival in a brutal, life-absorbing game. Imagine a misty underground ghetto , or the overground of middle-class homes, 3,000 feet above the underground’s streets. And believe in the almighty virtual media! Always believe in corporate fusions, money-suckin’ bankers, and FEVs — Financial Executive Vampires. And then imagine the chaos that follows … MegaFusion weiterlesen